Porth Egr near Porthgain, looking west to St. David's Head

Day 44 – Pembrokeshire Coast – Caerfai Bay to Trefin

Day 44: Caerfai to Trefin

I’m in a bit of a planning spin owing to being half a day behind. A whole day either way at least keeps you on schedule for food restocking and overnight stops, but a half day off time requires a rethink. Basically I had reckoned on topping up provisions tomorrow as I pass through in Fishguard, the next opportunity. But the next camping is a few kilometres beyond the town – a bit far. So the options are to stop short again at Pwll Deri YHA or to take another B&B in Fishguard, which I really don’t want if I can help it.

Anyway, food and cash are short, so I’m in the Ship Inn in Trefin, with homemade soup, ham, egg and chips, and ale. Life’s not all bad.

And for my cricket buddies, my campsite tonight in Trefin would grace any club outfield. Luxury.

I saw only one other fellow before Whitesands today, a proper backpacker called Lee Butters. He was camping too, but pushing out 30-35 miles a day. After the storms of the last two days he looked drained and tired, but very reassured to find he wasn’t the only walker on full-pack mode.

Beyond Whitesands, the retired world and his wife was out on the spectacular trail, with Abereiddi and Porthgain being especially busy.

Enquiries whilst in the pub reveal that once again the YHA has no space at a day’s notice, so Fishguard beckons after all.

I’m walking well enough to believe that my original plan was doable with a little more good fortune. But I will probably break after two weeks when I reach Cardigan at the end of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path section.

… Ken
17th May

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