Plastic litter on the shorelines of Britain

People Did This – Plastic Waste on the Shorelines of Britain

Plastic waste on the shorelines of Britain.

People did this …

These images of plastic waste and litter were shot in various places as I walked around the coast of Britain in 2017. Locations vary from out of the way shorelines, to river estuaries to pristine beaches like Rhossili Bay. Nowhere is immune, but places that are less frequented accumulate the most of it.

Marine plastics are a current talk point and rightly so. But it is NOT just drinks bottles and straws. So much comment rails about who is to blame – manufacturers, consumers, governments: why are THEY not doing something about it. The fact is that PEOPLE did this. WE are all responsible and WE can change it now, irrespective of governments do. THEY can always do more and more quickly. But we can do it now.

  • We can refuse to buy any non-recyclable plastic of any kind, anywhere.
  • We can ensure to recycle every piece of plastic possible.
  • We can take responsibility for not dumping any litter anywhere.
  • We can change our habits now.
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