Wild Seas, Worthing

Walking the Coast of Britain

Hi, I’m Ken Scott, photographer, adventurer and a few other things. In February 2017 I set off from my home in West Sussex to walk around the British coast.

All 5600 miles (9000 kms) of it. My latest adventure challenge.

It is not the hardest challenge in terms of terrain or unfamiliar territory. But it is long and committing. Since it was first done in 1978 by the now-legendary John Merrill, perhaps only a few dozen people have made a complete circuit in one walk, though many have walked and are currently walking the coast in stages.

Blacks Merrillite tent

My Black’s Merrillite tent, alongside its predecessor the Kamplite, near Lizard Point, Cornwall, 1980

I followed Merrill’s excursion when I was seventeen and my first tent was a Blacks Merrillite, modelled on the one that Merrill carried. Whilst I have been attracted throughout my adult life more to mountain adventures, this walk has never left me.

Everyone has their own, personal reason for adventure.

I’ve been walking, mountaineering and trekking all my life. In 2011 when I realised an ambition to walk the Pyrenees HRP (Pyrenees High Route) with my mate Wayne, it was a 50th birthday thing, and a realisation that expeditions do not get easier. Doing things now, whilst we can, living for the moment was and remains a strong motivation.

But there is more to this walk, somehow. More because the coast is home.

1987_201332 - Brighton B Power Station

Brighton B power station 1987

I grew up on the coast in Southwick, between Shoreham-by-Sea and Brighton, and I still live close by. From my bedroom window as a kid I could see the chimneys of the old ‘Brighton B’ power station. Frequently the Shoreham Harbour foghorn would wail into the night, and the lifeboat crew would be summoned by marroons going off over the town.

Wherever I am in the world, I always feel at home when I smell salt on the air.

I know people who have travelled to every continent but who have never explored our own wonderful island in any depth. This is my opportunity.

I’ll be adding more detail to the site and more news as it happens. Meanwhile, sign up for the newsletter below to get first-hand updates.

… Ken
February 2017