Day 2 - Welcome to Butlins Bognor Regis for your all inclusive captive holiday ...

Day 2 - Littlehampton to Selsey

Brilliant day two today but flippin cold!! Stopped at Selsey…
Day 1 - Littlehampton Marina on the river Arun

Day 1 - Shoreham to Littlehampton

Thank you so much, friends, for a wonderful send of this morning…
Bivouac at Les Sources du Marmitou, Basque Pyrenees

Principles of Adventure - Wild Camping

Wild camping – to put down your head in an idyllic place of your choosing is to feel a true sense of freedom and space.
Gloup Soup

Principles of Adventure - Important Things in Life

How Maslow helps us to understand the important things in life when taking on a long expedition.
Coast 17 - Starting with a Single Step

Principles of Adventure - Be Present and Mindful

What is minfulness and how is it relevant to adventure? The first in a series of articles about Ken Scott's Principles of Adventure.
Soast17 begins here on 10th February 2010

Four weeks to Coast17

Four weeks exactly until I step onto the Adur Ferry Bridge to begin my attempt to walk around the coast of Britain. Decision made. Yikes!