Day 42: A wet morning start in Dale

Day 42 – Pembrokeshire Coast – Dale to Broad Haven

Day 42: Dale to Broad Haven

It has been quite a while since I was hammered by rain like I have been today. I can’t complain really, because the last weeks have rained just at night and conditions have been fine.

First up today the rain came battering in horizontally off the ocean making it difficult to see or stay a straight course. So I came inland and found myself fighting across a bleak flat of old airfield runways and bedraggled sheep to Marloes. The café opened at 9:30, but not today of course; 10am cos she’s in late! And the next café was closed too; sorry about that. Why do we British start so late? Wouldn’t happen in Spain …

The rain eased a while allowing me to follow the coast from St. Brides at least to Little Haven, where it began to curtain down again as I munched a pulled pork bun in the pub.

Broad Haven was today’s target anyway, a quick sprint over the hill. I have camped in worse with Wayne – he’ll remember all of them – but it’s a no brainer to turn in. No room at the YHA, which seems par for the course these days, but that’s a rant for another time. So I’m in at Anchor Guest House with a nice cuppa tea and a roof, along with a wonderful welcome from Helen and a load of other walkers. Might be a convivial evening.

… Ken
15th May

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