1000 Days

Project Infinity – 10th Anniversary Presentation

Making Images Every Day Since 2008

Project Infinity began as a 365 – making a picture a day – back in 2008. Now, after ten years and 3563 days, I cannot see it ever coming to an end. Thoughts might change, of course, but “Project Infinity” it most certainly is for the time being …

In this tenth anniversary presentation I go back to the beginning, looking at 2008 and the lead up to embarking on what is now Project Infinity. Then I go on to explore themes and ideas that have emerged, discussing with irreverance and humour how the project has shaped my approach, not just to photography but to life itself.

What have I learned? Join me in the talk to find out why it is the best thing I have ever done for my photography.

The more I practise, the luckier I get
… Gary Player

If you are stuck in any kind of photographic furrow, knowingly or otherwise, this presentation will shake the ground a little.

An image-making challenge like 365, whether for one month, one year or more, directly confronts us as artists. It requires us to suspend specialisms and pre-conceived ideas in order to explore the everyday in a mindful and contemplative manner. There are the challenges of meaning, of discipline and will, and of acknowledging the critic who inhabits all of us.