It's All in the Mind - Lecture

It’s All in the Mind – An introduction to Photopsychology

What is it that influences us to see what we see (or don’t see) and to like what we like? What is the effect of compositions and colours? How are your responding to facial expression and body language?How do our minds and our social environments influence how we see, think, feel and behave as photographers?

The trouble is, we give everything a label. It is how we understand the world. What happens if we take the labels away? If we go back to the fundamentals of seeing?

It’s All in the Mind

This presentation goes where nobody else goes. We will take seeing back to the raw elements of contrast and light. We will explore the basics of visual cognition that enable us to make sense of the world around us. We will look at lines, colours, expression and emotion. We will celebrate how we see uniquely.

Let us explore photography under the surface. Let us better understand our responses to images and the things we see.