Beinn Eighe in winter from Loch Clair, Torridon, Scottish Highlands

Zen and the Art of Photographic Appreciation

What is the difference between a marvellous photograph and a photograph of something marvellous? Perhaps that seminal work "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" can help us out.
Joan and Harold Johnson

The People We Knew

Judging photography: how we can read photographs through lines, implied shapes and body language.
2007_206046 - Going Fishing

Judging Article in Photography News

My contribution to the contentious subject of judging photographic competitions in Photography News March 2015. Judging photo competitions - don't just do it better, do it differently
2010_365341 - Streaming

Judging Photography - a humanistic approach

Carl Rogers, one of the most influential psychologists of the…
2007_206046 - Going Fishing

Judging Photography - The Person Behind the Image

How connecting with the person behind the image gives us much more of an appreciation for the photographs they make.