Extraordinarily Ordinary - Horsham Museum 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary – Exhibition at Horsham Museum

“Extraordinarily Ordinary”, an exhibition of mindful photography by Ken Scott, showed at Horsham Museum from May to June 2014.

“Extraordinarily Ordinary” at Horsham Museum celebrates the present moment; sixty-four everyday things and fleeting happenings – abstracts, landscapes, people happenings and portraits.

When we become attuned to seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, then suddenly there is new awareness and the world becomes fresh and delightful once more. When did you last really see what was around you? I mean, when did you really SEE what was around you?

In a world where the photographic image is ubiquitous – from traditional family snaps to “selfies”, from local citizen journalism to political upheaval on the other side of the planet, from beautiful nature to environmental destruction – I sense that photography has become for many, unconsciously at least, a substitute for experience itself. “Been there, done that, got the photograph!”

And then we neglect to allow ourselves to experience the moment. The problem is that as the world becomes more accessible and recognised in a glut of imagery, finding distinctiveness and individuality of photographic expression becomes ever harder.  And I find that the harder I look, the less I actually see.

Acres of DiamondsI am reminded of Russell H. Conwell’s story “Acres of Diamonds”.  Maybe individuality and fulfilment comes not from the remarkable places we have travelled to but from the unique ways in which we see the world immediately around us, right here, right now – the very ground beneath our feet.

Each image in this display has been made as a part of my ongoing 365 work, a routine that provides me with both a working sketchbook and a joy in the process of seeing.  I began that project in 2008 – to make a photograph every day for the whole year, a venture that was exhibited in Horsham Museum. The 365 project has not stopped; indeed it is now no longer a project but a way of life – and as of today (1st May 2014) it has reached 2312 consecutive days – Project InfinityExtraordinarily Ordinary at Horsham Museum until 28th June 2014

Horsham Museum and curator Jason Semmens have been brilliantly supportive over recent years providing their exhibition space for local photographers and artists; I am extremely grateful to them for their support. We’re on from 1st May until 28th June.

… Ken Scott 2014