365 2013 Day 32 – Acre of Diamonds

2013_365032 - Acre of DiamondsHow we photographers can bring ourselves back to the present moment, by appreciating the ground beneath our feet.

Day #1859 – 1st February 2013

One of my favourite parables is that told by Russell Conwell of the rich man who, on being told of diamonds by a priest, became discontented and restless. He sold his farm and set off in search, only to find none and to take his own life. The man who bought his farm found a sparkling rock in a stream and unearthed there an acre of diamonds.

The moral is, of course, that the very fortunes we seek might be right here in our own backyards, under our feet indeed.

Photographers do this often. We see faraway, exotic lands as the places to make winning photographs. We travel to Africa and the Grand Canyon in pursuit of photographic diamonds only for it to appear that they have all been harvested already. And in that pursuit we forget to see with our own eyes and to experience the place to the fullest extent for ourselves. Everything we experience is right here, right now, where we are standing, in this moment?

All the while, right here, right now beneath our feet, is a unique landscape, one never before photographed. And right next to it is another. And another. And there’s more in each and every room we visit. The world around us is packed with untold photographic riches. A 365 project teaches us this.

This image might not be quite an acre of diamonds, but it is right there where I stood in that moment. I just looked down at my feet … Read the story …