365 2017 - Slightly Fuzzed

2017 is my tenth consecutive year of 365 – Project Infinity

When I started this thing in 2008 I had absolutely no idea where it would take me, except that I made some pre-conditions for myself:
a) that I would not plan any shots; I would simply notice what I was seeing, staying spontaneous;
b) that I would throw away all preconceptions about what (I had previously understood) makes for “good” photography;

There have been planned shots, of course. But, on the whole, 3000+ days photography has woven a daily flow of observations and insights into the fabric of life and has changed substantially and forever the way I see the world. With no rules to constrain me I feel I am able to see without limits, both enabling and enabled by mindfulness. Which does much more than make pictures; it is a way of living that will probably never stop.

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