The Overture is Over

A great night at the Steyning Centre for the premiereof my presentation “Atlantic to Mediterranean”, the story of our Pyrenees HRP trek, summer 2011

Premiere of Atlantic to Mediterranean, Pyrenees HRP lectureI had sort of planned a special image for day 1400, of a packed venue for my premiere presentation of “Atlantic to Mediterranean“, my lecture from the Pyrenees HRP expedition with Wayne, with the final AV in full flow.

Truth is I was so rapt in it myself I forgot, and all I have is a memory and an afterthought. Oh well.

200 or so people attended the presentation, promoted by Steyning Camera Club, for which I am deeply humbled and honoured; Thank you; I hope you all enjoyed the evening.

The feedback has been brilliant. As always after a first run I know exactly what I want to change and how. But only I know that. I am not one who can rehearse to an empty room; I need the adrenaline rush brought on by the presence of an audience.

So I didn’t make the image I wanted, but I got a response to the show, and that is far more important. Watch out for future dates.

Now the empty seats as people rise,
Lights are fading and the memory dies.
Lost in silence as I stop and stare,
Leaving ghostly echoes everywhere.
The overture is over
But for me it’s just begun.
… John Miles

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