Tragedy in the Sierra Nevada

Thank you everyone who rang out of concern on hearing the tragic news of British mountaineers who died on Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada of Spain last weekend (4th March 2006).

We are OK. Yes we were the only other British mountaineers on the hill over the Saturday night and Sunday of the storm, but we were safely shuttered up in the Refugio Poqueira, thankfully. It was a severe storm without question, and our sympathies go to the families of the victims.

For our part, I was ill from the moment I left the UK and struggled to get to the refuge at all let alone do anything when I got there. I didn’t even have much energy for photography! However, Wayne made a successful ascent of Mulhacen on the Friday, and we were blessed to have the wonderful funny friendship and loving care of our friends Jeni and Dave for a few days convalescence in Tijola.