There are several ways I would love to get you involved in my walk whilst it is happening:

Food and Accommodation

If you are able to offer a meal and / or accommodation at any time, any place around the coast, that would be appreciated so much. There are places where campsites either don’t exist (Deeside, south Humberside) or are mostly huge, industrial holiday complexes (e.g. Lincolnshire), but it doesn’t matter where you are. I’d be delighted by a floor to throw my mat on or a patch of grass to pitch my tent.

I will donate £5 to the charities for every gift of accommodation I receive.

Donate to my Charities

Donate using Virgin Money GivingPlease give generously to my charity fundraising effort. I am raising money and awareness for Parkinson’s UK and RNLI;  See my Charity page for details.


Follow my Progress

You can follow progress here and Facebook @coast17  – Keep me insane and smiling …

Meet Me

If you’re a fellow coast walker or a friend and will be in a place to meet, please say hello. Please note that other than for friends, the best way to contact me directly will be via the Facebook Message facility at @coast17

Backpacker Support

Are you a campsite? If you have a backpacker rate of between £5 and £10, good on you. Backpackers just need a patch of grass, a water tap and  a shower, and we take up hardly any room. Oh, and we will probably need to charge a phone.

What we don’t have is a car or extra adults or kids or dogs; there’s usually just one of us on our own two feet. Which makes it rather unfair if we have to find the standard pitch fee that covers all of that.

Are you willing to give me a backpacker rate, if you don’t do one already?