Workshop News *Important*

WORKSHOPS NEWS for 2018 * Important *

It is with regret that we have decided not to run with our workshop programme at La Estrellita in Órgiva in March 2018. In the current economic climate, in particular the Euro exchange rate and the proportion of cost that we bear in Spain, it is not viable for us. We adore working at at La Estrellita, so this has been a difficult decision, but we hope to return in 2019.

Our 2018 dates are as follows:

For Cortijo Romero and Manzac d’en Bas, bookings are now open. Please visit our website at for full details (Note: this will be coming in house under this website banner before the end of the year).

With best regards
… Ken and Carolyn

27th October 2017

What do we mean by Mindful Photography?

Our “Joy of Seeing” photography workshops / retreats go back to the fundamentals of seeing with a camera and rediscovering the beauty in everyday things and moments.

We understand that inspiration comes in part from being in a fresh and wonderful place. But our workshops provide much more than a guided tour; they are about your development as an artist, about finding your self-expression and artistic freedom.

We provide you with a space where you can invest in yourself and your photographic individuality. It will be a time for renewal of spirit and fresh outlooks; we will walk, explore, relax, socialise and share – and take a proper holiday, with great food and company.

By immersing ourselves in our surroundings and fully experiencing where we are, photographs will flow naturally.

Our photographer-centred approach allows you to see the world with fresh eyes and without judgement or preconception of what “good” photography should be. Not only will you make great photographs, images that are yours; you will come away with a new-found confidence in your photography.



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