Shane on Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth

Shane Davis’ 750 mile Charity Ride

I’ve met some wonderful people on my walks so far, all of whom have, in their own ways, made my day. Only two have been what I would call ‘real’ backpackers – travellers moving from place to place every day, self-sufficient with kit and shelter.

One of them was Shane, whom I met as he cycled down Constitution Hill into Aberystwyth. I saw him descending towards me. “I’m glad to see someone else doing it the proper way” he said – I was hauling myself up the incline with my pack as dozens of others came down on foot having gone up on the funicular railway.

Shane was on a 750 mile charity bike ride from Chesterfield around Wales and back, and he has an amazing story to tell. He’s completed his ride now, and deserves every ounce of congratulation and support.

Everybody knows that on my walk this year I’ve had my minor injuries – impacting enough to stop me walking for a time but, in the scheme of things, very insignificant. Shane’s story is inspiring in every way and doesn’t begin to compare.

Back in 2011, when I completed the Pyrenees High Route with Wayne, I wrote my journal under the title “Time Hears No Reason” – a plea to us all to get out there and live life to the full whilst we can because we never know what is around the corner that might affect our ability to live, to some degree or even at all. Shane embodies all of that.

Congratulations mate; it was a pleasure and an inspiration to have met you that warm afternoon.

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