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Injury Recurrence Update – Shin Splints have Returned

Firstly, thank you for your thoughts. I have so much appreciated your messages and replies to all my posts.

Many of you mention my health. Let me say that my health is fantastic; it’s just that I have a minor sports injury. In the context of what I have been trying to do it is important, sure, but I feel very fit and strong.

Everything about the car is running great but a vital suspension link has busted.

I walked 280 miles these last two weeks, and I felt great until Thursday when the leg suddenly pinged again. The last 10km was painful; the last 1km was agony. It feels worse than last time so I won’t be going anywhere soon.

Maybe my body is telling me that there are limits …

Had it happened out on the west of Gower I might have hung around over the weekend to drink some sun, but I couldn’t bring myself to stay a moment longer on the awful campsite I arrived at on Thursday. So I jumped on a Megabus from Swansea to be home with my wonderful people.

As to how I’m feeling, well I did my grieving for the original goal last time. Now I feel resigned but realistic. I knew there was a high probability the injury could recur, so it is less impacting emotionally.

Again I’ve not yet decided what to do next but a rethink is likely.

Sorry to let you get all inspired and interested only to puncture it again. And whatever I decide I am truly grateful for the charity support, which will stay open for the time being.

More pictures and philosophical thoughts to come.

… Ken
8 April

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  1. Ken Scott
    Ken Scott says:

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. It is frustrating to have another enforced break, but I’m determined to make this entire venture a positive experience. So far I’ve walked 650 miles in five weeks, so all in all, apart from this minor but crucial injury, I’m in rude health.
    … K

  2. Graham & Liz
    Graham & Liz says:

    Sorry it happened all over again, Ken. We shall donate when we see you. Perversely, I am reading Nicolas Crane -your recommendation. We are away on Monday after my 80th family get together. Will contact after we get back.

  3. Ruari
    Ruari says:

    Sorry to hear you have been thwarted again by structural problems. Take plenty of R&R, plus a wee scotch daily, and hope you are up to the rest of your venture when it suits you.

  4. Jacqui Dracup
    Jacqui Dracup says:

    Sorry to hear the shins are playing up again … Hope that a plan can emerge that suits you … In the meantime support for your charities will continue and good wishes for you are of course continuing …..

  5. Bill
    Bill says:

    Well done Ken, for going back after the first time. Time now for some well earned rest and recuperation. Very best wishes for a quick recovery.

  6. Jean Seddon
    Jean Seddon says:

    Ken, I am sorry to hear about the recurrence of your injury and I guess everyone has said what can be said about it! I wish you well whatever you decide and it’s a great effort so far! Perhaps your body is just saying ‘not this time’ rather than ‘never again’! Hope it heals soon. I’m looking forward to further posts. Your walk has been an inspiration and so have your photos.

    Best Wishes



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