Day 99 – Whitstable to Birchington

Sunset at Plumpudding Island

Sunset at Plumpudding Island

Birchington is on the map, but we find ourselves on the so much more pleasingly named Plum Pudding Island. Marvellous. Now I’m thinking of rhubarb crumble and spotted dick.

Familiar routines for me too, as I resumed on foot from Whitstable. Aside from one short section of cliffs west of Reculver, my route was predictably on a concrete promenade through Herne Bay and then a concrete sea wall; plus ça change …

Great fun hospitality and company with Richard and Liz last evening; thank you so much both.

Now we’re back in the van and all is still, much the opposite of last week’s gales in Southwold. Margate and Ramsgate beckon tomorrow, but first there’s chicken and wine …

… Ken

8th October

PS: Oh and thanks for sharing yesterday’s sponsorship plea. Every contribution is very much valued.

#WalkforParkinsons #RNLI #lifeboats

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