Day 98 – Hoo to Whitstable

There hasn’t been a more varied day on my whole journey, I think, in places, people and travel.

Ken with Alyson Smith from Parkinson's UK

Ken with Alyson Smith from Parkinson’s UK

We started with a journey out to Grain, a place once described by Will Self as so pointless it doesn’t exist. I have to confess to being mildly disappointed that it was not the post-nuclear vision of Siberian wasteland I had expected; just a village with a Co-op and a bus, in the middle of industry, at the end of a peninsula between Thames and Medway.

We then met with Alyson from Parkinson’s UK at the delightful Upnor Castle for a chat and photo shoot. Alyson and Leigh-Beth and the team of fundraisers have given me such great support and I’m as grateful as I am sure they are.

It was midday by the time I started cycling out towards Whitstable, about 40kms. We had coffee and a stroll around Faversham Saturday market and finished in cold, grey light by the water at Whitstable.

It was my last day of cycling. Shame in a way, because I am just beginning to regain proper cycle fitness. But essentially this was an expediency; I’m back to walking tomorrow, from Whitstable all the way back to Sussex.

We finished the day with Richard and Liz, who have put us up for the night and provided lovely hospitality through the evening; thank you so much.

So; back to striding. East to the final corner. Not turn right at Land’s End but turn right at Margate …

… Ken

7th October

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