Day 92 – Kessingland to Southwold

I got beaten up this morning – 10kms walking on the beach into the teeth of the gale; wind, rain and sand-blasted into Southwold. Knowing that I’d be meeting Carolyn there with the camper made the experience rather more exhilarating than it might have seemed had my mind been on camping.

We stopped for coffee on the pier. Amazing how many people leave the doors open! I got hit in the head by a bag of crisps blown off the next table, and we left when I got fed up again with the smell of chips.

Now today is a short day because it is our 34th wedding anniversary. Good indeed to spend the day together with Carolyn and to go out for a meal later tonight. I’m loving the company of my very special lady as my journey enters its final few weeks.

I’m also pleased with how I’m transitioning easily between walking and cycling, but so far walking easily wins for enjoyment. Cycling sems very impersonal to me after walking so long. But the bike is providing a good functional alternative.

Onwards then into some convoluted routes round estuaries. Happy Sunday.

… Ken

1st October

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