Day 82 – Robin Hood’s Bay to Scarborough

Scarborough Cricket Ground

Scarborough Cricket Ground

I stopped a little short of plan today. But in truth, in pouring rain this afternoon, it was a easy decision to book a room in town (looking over Scarborough cricket ground).

The path was muddy. The kind of cloying mud that makes your feet weigh double. The ground is very wet. And even though the previous couple of days have been warm and dry, camping is becoming more difficult. There’s a perpetual damp that gets in deep after a while, despite all my camping nouse.

For that reason, for the first time this morning I confess to feeling a little weary of the routines. It is taking me just a little longer to get going, because well, you know, my sleeping bag is toasty and comfortable and all that …

Maybe – not maybe, definitely – I’m anticipating meeting Carolyn with the camper next week. I want that more than anything just now. Just a few more days of walking south.

Being in town has other benefits too. I topped up on Pizza Hut all you can eat lunch buffet, and actually did more salad than pizza!

Anyway, now getting my feet up for a decent dry rest.

… Ken

21st September

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  1. Sheila Birkin
    Sheila Birkin says:

    We are really enjoying your adventures, Ken. We met you in Pembrokeshire in the early part of your journey and are full of admiration for your tenacity and your entertaining blogs.


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