Day 80 – Redcar to Runswick Bay

How a sky full of sun and a walk full of soaring cliffs can lift the spirits.

Today I crossed England’s highest sea cliff at Boulby and dropped to the delightful village of Staithes, nestled almost unseen in the folds of the land and sea.

At times on my first climb out of Saltburn there was silence, just tge sound of my footsteps and breathing and occasional creak from my pack. The sea was quiet and hidden way below my feet. After several days of city and heavy industry the silence came like a cocktail made from warm, fresh air.

The finest day’s walk of this stint for sure, and the best since my first day out in Ceredigion in July. I’m sure Lleyn would have rivalled today had I walked in fine weather and free from injury.

The Cleveland Way is worthy of mention too for being properly waymarked and clear, like Pembrokeshire, like a national trail should be. Others do have models to aspire to, and the England Coast Path must do it’s utmost to do more than just link up the established great paths.

I’ve mentioned before how people make days special. First I shared a lovely chat over coffee with a lady in Saltburn. Then I met Herb and Dorothy from the USA, who were drinking in the view from Boulby top back towards Teesside; kindred spirits indeed. And my day was topped by a charity donation from the Runswick Bay campsite. So pleasing.

So, rather than more gastronomics in the tent tonight, I’ve taken myself a few yards to the pub for a beer and grub I feel I deserve. It’s great to be back in the hills.

… Ken

19th September

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