Day 72 – Berwick to Beal

I have to say that I felt sad to leave Berwick this morning. What a smashing and beautiful town with so much of interest to explore. A place I shall return to, definitely.

I had to faff around a bit to restock on food and to buy gas – why is it so hard to buy gas? – on my way out. But I’d planned a short day so a delay was not an issue.

I was soon out beyond Spittal, along the low cliffs for a bit and then another five miles of wonderful sand along to Goswick.

The coast becomes salt-marshy once more before the causeway to Lindisfarne, and the track behind the dunes took on a wild air in the strong, cool breeze.

I’ve pitched up at The Barn at Beal, a farm come campsite come restaurant, looking out towards Lindisfarne.

Being an island, Lindisfarne is off route for me. I think I expected more of it visually from the land side – think Mont St. Michel – but it is actually quite indistinct from the surrounding marshes. A special place nonetheless.

I let my mind wander too. Later I shall go to the corner when the lights are coming on, and maybe I shall meet Mr. Dreamseller with his bundles of rags and reminders. Or am I missing something?

Inland on the lanes for a bit tomorrow, but castles await. Some can count themselves among those that shall not be photographed 😉 – photo friends will know.

… Ken

11th September

North to Spittal and Berwick

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  1. max
    max says:

    Mr Dreamseller is right Ken. The album cover for nicely out of tune was of the band standing outside a B&B on Lindisfarne. It looks just the same today, or at least it did two years back when I was last there. I particularly liked the wild camping in the dunes half way back to the mainland, as once the sea comes in, that is it, no disturbance.


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