Day 69 – St. Bees to Workington

This week began with the garish kitsch of Blackpool and ended today in the rather grimy industry of Workington. Some contrast. Blackpool smelled of sugar; Workington smells of cheese …

A very good day, though. The route took me first over St. Bees Head to Whitehaven, the first proper clifftop walking since Lleyn and the first with a view since Aberystwyth. Whitehaven’s redeveloped marina waterfront made a most pleasant morning coffee stop.

Several sharp squalls barreled in off the Irish Sea through the afternoon. All walkers know that weather where you are constantly pulling on then stripping off your raingear. Unlike yesterday’s persistent downpour, I did quite enjoy the mini battle with the elements.

I was thinking that, apart from that dreadful week in South Devon, last night was just the second on which I’ve been forced into a B&B by bad weather.

It had other benefits too, such as making friends with a disparate band of Canadian and American walkers setting out on the Coast to Coast. They all made great company this morning and I wish them well on their ventures. Who knows; we might even coincide at Robin Hood’s Bay.

… Ken

8th September

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