Day 62 – Crosby to Southport

Today’s walk started at yesterday’s northerly outpost among the Gormleymen on Crosby beach. Cooler than yesterday, some of them wore scarves and jackets. But there they were, just standing, unmoved in the face of the elements.

I met a man nearby at the top end of the beach. We talked a while. He told me he walks daily about 500m up the path to stay mobile. He seemed apologetic, even when his mate laughed and said I ought go twice as far, since I have two sticks. It doesn’t matter how far, I told him: 500m or 500km. All we need to do is to go …

Then I diverted inland around a MOD range and found the beach once more, walking undisturbed on sand, all the way to Southport.

First experiences can be misleading, but I knew I wasn’t ready for Southport’s candy-floss pinks and donut yellows. Maybe it was just to prepare me for Blackpool.

What it did was give me a good staging post to head inland on a bus diversion round the Ribble, first to Preston, where I have stopped. Then tomorrow I’ll head back out to Lytham.

Not so bad then for a first pack day on this stretch. Will I get out of Blackpool alive? I’ll keep my head down …

… Ken

1st September

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