Day 61 – Hoylake to Liverpool

Today’s walk was slightly odd in that I started where I finished, and went both backwards and forwards by various modes.

One of those must do journeys on this walk was to come into Liverpool on the Mersey ferry – yes, Gerry & the Pacemakers and all. So I took the Merseyrail out to north Wirral and walked back to the ferry. On a warm sunny day, the Liverpool waterfront looked every bit as spectacular as its reputation.

On the way I came through New Brighton. I proudly told a local was from Brighton, Sussex (omitting the word ‘real’). He said that this Brighton was newer and posher … Of that, I’m not so sure, but it was pleasant enough, with atmospheric views across to Liverpool docks.

Then this afternoon I got ahead of myself a little by going up to Crosby to see the Gormley iron men. I concluded that they need to be enountered on a moody day with wind hacking off the Irish sea, not a pleasant day with families on the beach.

Caught up with Martin too, an old cricket colleague, for a couple of pints and a good catchup. Cheers Martin, good to see you.

So tomorrow we go for real. Gentle intros done. Now it’s back on the trail


31 August

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