A pint with Linda, John, Marion and Tervor at Caernarfon

Day 60 – Gwynedd – Dinas Dinlle to Caernarfon

Day 60 – Dinas Dinlle to Caernarfon
Another day, another stage done; not a complete geographical one, in that Caernarfon is not the end of Wales, but a point reached where I take another break.

With Marion at Dinas Dinlle

With Marion at Dinas Dinlle

In warm sun under a blue sky, Marion joined me for the sixteen km stroll beside first the estuary and then the Menai into town, where John came to pick us up. It’s great to have company. Carolyn’s friend Linda, recently moved to Wales from Sussex, and her partner Trevor, also joined us for a drink by the castle.

I had been thinking that my decision to make the best of this venture in two or three-week stages was based originally on protecting my shins. But it was also an emotional one. I had long wanted to try an extended solo expedition, and I have discovered in myself that two weeks alone is enough. Sure, there are people I meet, but it isn’t the same as having family and friends in close support. I really did choose the most difficult plan.

So I’m going to break again now, partly to avoid fighting with the silliness of summer holidays by the seaside. And we’ll resume in September, refreshed and in a new place.

… Ken
17th July

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