Day 51 – Ceredigion – Llanrhystud to Towyn

Day 51 – Llanrhystud to Tywyn

Stupendous first two hours towards Aberystwyth in this morning’s relative cool. Great walking until private landowners intervene again to divert you needlessly.

This part of the Ceredigion path seems less well maintained, though at least Herr Strimmermann had been through to clear the undergrowth. I saw him the other day looking as hot as his strimmer motor.

A great wildlife day as well, although a buzzard (let’s call him Bob – prize for the reference ) took a dislike to my walking by and divebombed me. Also saw choughs and came face to face with a fox, who did his best to hide about five feet away and froze.

I’m no longer precious about estuaries, so hopped around from Borth to Aberdyfi by train and finished my day at Tywyn. I didnt fancy that diversion anyway and Wales has no ferries. The station at Borth has to be visited, having been restored as a museum.

Fitness is returning, I’m pleased to say. Though today became rather too hot for comfort.

On to Barmouth tomorrow.

… Ken
8th July

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