Colourful buildings in Aberaeron

Day 50 – Ceredigion – Cwmtydu to Llanrhystud

Day 50 – Cwmtydu to Llanrhystud

Kind of a landmark to get to 50 days out, since that was the time it took Wayne and I to walk the Pyrenees HRP. That was all in one journey, mind. Still I’m happy enough.

Another tough day, with all the climb early through New Quay to Aberaeron, then flat and rather uninteresting along a mucky beach to finish.

Those two towns are delightful, especially New Quay, where I was too early for coffee – what is it about cafés opening at 10:30, for Fred’s sake; one needs coffee whenever! I made amends in Aberaeron with a full English, though; boosts the energy but weighs you down.

Not trusting tonight’s camp to have a shop, I lugged a full load from Aberaeron. Calories are for consumption, not carrying. Talking of which. …

Oh, and most of the day 1 aches were gone today, thankfully. Onwards and northwards.

… Ken
7th July

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