Day 5 - Fawley refinery from Hamble

Day 5 – Gosport to Calshot

Well that was some day. A traveller’s day, where twice the ferry left the jetty as I approached, causing an hour’s delay. An hour in the winter is the difference between arriving at dusk and arriving in pitch dark. But arrived I am, about a km short of goal for the day – 38 kms.

Found a farm camp that doesn’t take tents so I pleaded the desperate vagrant on foot and he allowed me to pitch the new Nemo in the trees on nice grass. Good man.

Looking forward to longer days when the distance doesn’t feel pressured. And also I’ll see the coast proper once more tomorrow, for a while. Southampton Water above the Hamble and then down past Fawley doesn’t get the wilderness juice flowing.

Tomorrow to Milford.

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