Port Talbot

DAY 32 – Porthcawl to Blackpill

Oh boy! That’s a sigh. The kind of sigh that you give when you’ve just crawled into the tent and it started to rain horribly 500m from the campsite. So now everything feels damp! Where are you Carolyn Scott with our cozy camper van?

A wonderful start to the day in the sun across Kenfig dunes before a long and very uninspiring haul past Tata steelworks into Port Talbot, through drab housing estates with no view. I would quite like to have seen the industrials a bit more actually. A brief respite in Aberavon before more of the same into Swansea.

Swansea seafront is very attractive, though. And I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Eiona Roberts, from our 365 photography group, and her husband Huw for coffee and a butty. Really nice to meet you both and thanks so much for coming down.

Day32 - In the tentNow I’m in it has stopped raining, would you believe. Here’s the view inside …

3 April

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