Day 29 – Newport to Cardiff

This morning I said bye to Carolyn for a few weeks. We’ve had a wonderful week together, meeting up and sharing evenings in the camper. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I’m sure it has helped me to get back into a good space really quickly. I feel calmer and more centred this time, thanks in no small way to Carolyn’s love and support.

Second day in Wales and first of a new week has brought me to Cardiff via firstly more sea wall, then the worst of it through the rubbish strewn industrial outskirts – some of the worst accumulations of crap you can imagine – then the very best of it in the city centre. So many friendly conversations today.

I’m camping by the river near to the Swalec cricket ground, which I reached from the Principality Stadium. What a great looking place it is, and all the better on game days, I’d imagine. Did I think of Elliott Daly going over in the corner? Of course …

Principality (Millenium) Stadium

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