Day 20 – Newton Ferrers to Plymouth

Plymouth was always a milestone of sorts and I’m really pleased to get here in under three weeks. It’s a town we got to know in several visits whilst Gav was at uni here, and I’m grateful to him for arranging for me to stay over with two of his uni mates – cheers Keir and Laura.

The walk was uneventful in the dreich. But whereas yesterday the low tide played into my hands by allowing me to ford the Erme, today it stopped the Mount Batten ferry running for two and a half hours just as I arrived at it. Ferries and delays …

Carolyn is coming down again with the van tomorrow, which will be a great tonic. And I will probably take a rest day, even though I’ve planned always to make progress. For various reasons it’s necessary just now, of which more later, but there might not be an update tomorrow – just so you know.


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