Day 19 – Thurlstone to Newton Ferrers

After yesterday’s noisy weather today was altogether quieter with sunshine for the most part but still very fresh and windy. The one heavy squall that got me was, of course it was, when I was wading across the river Erme with boots in one hand, poles upstream in the other and trolleys up around my knees like D P Gumby.

The sea was spectacular early and agitated. Not that I had many thoughts other than finding a safe alternative to wild camping. Carolyn was working on it all day and I finally secured somewhere by a chance meeting in the post office at Newton Ferrers. South Devon really has been difficult; pretty as anything but not geared up in any way for a solo traveller on foot. Even buying food hasnt been simple. All rather draining.

Give me the ease of mountain travel …

Preparing to Cross

Crossing Succesful

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