Day 16 - Berry Head lighthouse.

Day 16 – Paignton to Brixham

Normally a low energy day and a bad weather day don’t coincide but they did today.

I was very slow away and twice in the first hour had to put on and take off the waterproofs – all walkers know that feeling – which dragged out a crawling pace even more. Brixham was pleasant enough.

This point marks a turning point in this stage of the walk. I climbed out to Berry Head, where high winds and incoming rain started to raise questions. The exposed cliffs onwards towards Kingswear would be difficult if all else were favourable. The winds on the point made cliff walking nigh on impossible and I realised for the first time that I woasn’t going to get anywhere close to my planned destination at Torcross.

So at St. Mary’s I opted for stopping – Airbnb is a good thing. – and I settled into Brixham.

So began several days of difficult conditions that were crucial in the week’s outcomes. I hope always to make progress, even if it is only 10-12 km, so I’m happy enough. Just hope I have more drive tomorrow when the weather looks to be on repeat.

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