Day 15 – Starcross to Paignton

So began week 3 with a delightful day’s uphill and downcombe walking in spring sun through the riviera: Dawlish and it’s repaired railway, Teignmouth, Torquay and Paignton.

I have come to really love little ferries already. I didn’t need to take one in Teignmouth since it saved only about 2km but I did. A couple of gentlemanly gents paid my £1.50 and we had a nice interesting chat with the ferryman on the 3 minute way over to Shaldon. Ferries need supporting as they are so much part of our maritime history.

Bad experience though trying to book into a commercial campsite – the only one open at this end of a long day. I said I would do my best to avoid them and this is why. So found a b&b in Paignton for just £5.50 more including breakfast – and the nice owner welcomed in a smelly and dishevelled traveller with a smile. He deserves business; Beverley Park definitely does not.

Now to decide what to eat …

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