Day 106 – Seaford to Brighton

Today was a short day and all about great company. I had already decided to stop with Gavin and Riss in Brighton so could afford an ambling kind of walk.

First up breakfast with Ian in Newhaven. Then walking with Caroline and Kevin from Peacehaven to Brighton where we had a leisurely lunch and Hophead ale – back in Dark Star country, oh yes. Finally a swim and sauna at the Hilton and more beers.

This adventure lark was very comfortable today! Thanks all for a great day.

Gavin and Liam at Brighton Pier

Gavin and Liam at Brighton Pier

I’d love to see friends out tomorrow on my walk into Shoreham. We’re starting at Brighton Pier at 11am, eta Shoreham sometime from 2pm but do watch progress on Facebook.

One half day; then life resumes …

… Ken

15th October

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