Day 104 – Winchelsea Beach to Normans Bay

So I really am back on familiar ground now. Starting with a climb up on to the cliffs at Fairlight, through Hastings country park into town and onwards through Bexhill to Normans Bay.

There’s something about the long trudge along promenades that is more tiring than the cliff walking. I felt especially heavy-legged on the last mile into camp, where the track disappeared onto shingle in front of beachfront houses and shacks.

Maybe too there’s something about being close to home … But I am so motivated to hit tomorrow in good form, for I’ll cross Beachy Head and Seven Sisters, surely among the finest coastal walking anywhere.

Staircase and lamp, De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

Staircase and lamp, De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

Finally, I paid a visit to De La Warr. I thought I would do what nobody expects. Since I’m a maverick and nobody who knows me expects me to conform, conformity is one of the few ways I can surprise you. Did anyone believe I could get through this walk without making an iconic cliché image?

This was after a man said a prayer for me and gave me a leaflet that says I’m guilty. Of what I don’t know but I thanked him, for he was sincere in what he believes.

… Ken

13th October

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