Day 103 – New Romney to Winchelsea Beach

On a still, cool morning of milky sunlight I stepped onto the beach towards Dungeness. Another walker just ahead of me further out on the sands stopped to say good morning.

This was Shaun, who is also walking around Britain. He started from Dover on 1st October and will walk in stages around work, taking eight years – a very different strategy to my attempt but no less challenging. I’ll post a link soon but would like to wish Shaun all the very best.

Across the Denge Flats desert, Dungeness

Across the Denge Flats desert, Dungeness

Dungeness would be more interesting for me had I not seen so many photographs over the years. Declining all the cliché images, I set out over the Denge Flats towards Lydd (avoiding the ranges). Now this was exciting: wild, desert country with wonderful mosses and shingle vegetation. I just wished, in a perverse way, that the Channel had been throwing its worst at me; conditions were rather too benign for such a place truly to come alive.

After coffee and a bacon sarnie in Lydd, I found my way down to the expanses of Camber Sands and up the river to Rye – back to Sussex, my first, last and home county.

We’ve ended up camping way up in the rolling hinterland because no campsites on the coast were open. No issue; we’ll just start back on the beach in the morning.

… Ken

12th October

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