Day 102 – Folkestone to New Romney

All sorts of connotations with 101 but, thankfully after yesterday’s strangeness, today was boringly dull, and not even boring enough for that to be interesting. Sorry that I can’t sustain the fun.

First up I reacquainted myself with Folkestone, which had some good art installations as part of its triennial.

Sea wall Hythe to New Romne

Sea wall Hythe to New Romney; there’s only so much that can keep you awake

From there all the way to New Romney it was basically a case of battling my way along a concrete sea wall into a serious headwind, which I reckon was worth an extra 10km in effort. A couple of miles along the canal through Hythe broke the monotony, but not by much.

Dymchurch however provided some light relief when I found myself in a League of Gentlemen style pub, with people eating and drinking silently, watching me, looking away whenever I looked up from my coffee. The elderly couple sitting side by side eating roast dinners particularly freaked me out. All rather like some north Welsh pubs I know -Trawsfynydd springs to mind.

Oh! There’s a nuclear power station in Trawsfynydd too. I shall pass by Dungeness tomorrow.

So the van is rockin again tonight, but it’s the wind, not the Quo or anything else.

… Ken

11th October

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