Day 101 – Sandwich to Folkestone

Well what’s to know folks? This was my 101st day out – all sorts of connotations to Day 101** – and things started messing with my head! Did I actually come via France? Or was it America?

As I came around the South Foreland and St. Margarets my phone pinged. A txt from my provider welcoming me to France, advising me of my free roaming in the EU. Well that’s fun, I thought.

Last night my watch had stopped. Suddenly it was an hour behind my phone. I stoped for a cuppa and adjusted it. Funny, I was sure it hadn’t taken that long to walk from Deal.

Dover Harbour

Dover Harbour, now in France 😉

Then in Dover I checked the time to give Carolyn an eta in Folkestone. WTF! Watch was an hour ahead of my phone. It was still only 2:15. Only then did I twig that my phone had adjusted its time to French time and back again. Maybe the EU still has a greater hold than we think.

Or maybe not. Yesterday I pointed out to a man in Ramsgate that we could see France. Nah, that’s America, he said; France is over there, pointing at Dover. I thought he was joking; he wasn’t. I wondered if his binoculars was really a corned beef tin …

So you see why my head is in a mess. I finished this long day over white cliffs by looking down on our campsite from 200ft above, only to take an hour to get to find the route down to it. I need a beer.

At least we had a night of wonderful company last night with Christine and David. And the sun is in the right place again … maybe tomorrow will be sane once more.

… Ken

10th October

** ADDENDUM – This was originally posted as Day 100, but I have renumbered the days from Berwick southwards to take account of the travel day across from Carlisle, which is consistent with how I have treated rest days on the previous stages.

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