Day 100 – Birchington to Sandwich

In another destination that connects to food, we’ve aptly spent a most convivial evening with Christine and David, who are putting us up in their delightful old town house in the narrow streets. Thanks so much.

This after coffees earlier with Cherry and Graham and Jean in Ramsgate. I’m heading into home territory where I know people, that’s for sure.

My walk today was straightforward, first rounding the corner at Margate, then the rather more exclusive estates of North Foreland and Broadstairs and on into Ramsgate.

Ramsgate is a harbour town I’ve come to like very much, with its busy mix of boat business.

I’m walking well enough, though my heels are starting to complain. That i can cope with for another week.

On which point, my estimated arrival in Shoreham is 16th or 17th, depending on a couple of factors. This will become clearer.

Meanwhile, my 100th day out beckons.

… Ken

9th October

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