Summary Stats for Coast17 Walk Around the British Coast

As you know by now, my Coast17 walk around the coast of Britain finished on 16th October at 2:30pm. I had always intended to finish in mid-October, however far I had come, and I am very content with what I achieved. Here are a few summary stats, which I will present in a more pictorial and detailed form at some point, but for now I hope is interesting.

Days and Distances

  • Total Days: 107, starting 10th February, ending 16th October, in five separate stints (not including the Scotland Road Trip)
  • Total Distance: 2990 km / 1857 miles
  • Walking / Cycling splits: 106 days, 2738 km walking / 6 days, 252 km cycling
  • Total Ascent: 44700m / 146750ft

By Region

  • South Coast – Shoreham to Sandbanks: 8 days, 253km , 1259m ascent
  • Southwest – Shell Bay to Plymouth: 12 days (+1 injury day), 348km, 10239m ascent
  • Somerset & Avon – Minehead to Severn Bridge: 6.5 days, 195km, 1609m ascent
  • South Wales – Severn Bridge to Llanelli: 7.5 days, 258km, 3522m ascent
  • Pembrokeshire – Laugharne to Cardigan: 12 days, 311km, 8734m ascent
  • Ceredigion & Gwynedd – Cardigan to Caernarfon: 13 days (+1 injury day), 339km, 7308m ascent
  • Northwest – West Kirby (Wirral) to Silloth on Solway (via Liverpool): 11 days, 282km, 2017m ascent
  • Northeast – Berwick upon Tweed to Humberside: 16 days, 401km, 5517m ascent
  • East Anglia – Cleethorpes to East Tilbury: 9 days, 298km (incl 219km cycling), 1157m ascent
  • Southeast – London to Shoreham: 11 days, 304km (incl 33km cycling), 3365m ascent

By Stint

  • 1 – Shoreham to Plymouth: 601km, 11498m ascent (stopped with injury)
  • 2 – Minehead to Llanelli: 453km, 5131m ascent (stopped with injury)
  • 3 – Pembrokeshire: 311km, 8734m ascent
  • 4 – Cardigan to Caernarfon: 339km, 7308m ascent (stopped with injury)
  • 5 – Wirral to Shoreham: 1285km, 12056m ascent
Graph showing Distances walked on each stint of Coast17

Distances walked on each stint of Coast17


I slept in the trusty Nemo Dagger backpacker tent on 46 nights (43% of the total), of which 14 campsite pitches were donated for the charities. 12 nights were with friends at their houses and 29 nights were with Carolyn in the camper.

Graph showing Spread of Accommodation

Spread of Accommodation


Despite how the weather felt at times, I enjoyed a large percentage of warm, sunny days, only of which would I say were hot – the first day out from Cardigan and the afternoon through Aberystwyth, both in July.

Rain fell in total on 34 days at some time whilst walking, on 17 of which I got absolutely soaked.

Rain occasionally fell overnight too, but the tent was packed away wet on all but half a dozen mornings on account of dew.

On 33 days the winds were moderate or stronger, of which 7 were strong (mostly in south Devon) and 1 in the severe gale category (Storm Doris around the Exe estuary).

Graph showing predominant weather

Predominant Weather

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