Coast17 Restart Update

Massage on the injured shin

Carolyn getting to grips with massage on the injured shin

After a couple of weeks of good rest, the prospects are good for a restart on Friday 24th March.

My legs have responded well to rest and more than a little good treatment from my personal service engineer, and so I’m ready to resume my walk this week.

Sitting around has been tough. I have felt depressed and lethargic during the time off, which is natural given the energy I had invested in preparing for such a big venture, only to see it curtailed after just three weeks. But as I have got out walking again these last few days, I felt the spirit returning and, best of all, there was no reaction. Mind you a few 10km jaunts is not quite up to the distances I need to get back to.

So what of the plan? I have considered many different ways of restarting, from at one extreme doing nothing to simply returning to Plymouth to carry on. In between were options to restart where I would have been on that day, and to cherry-pick some of the best bits in three-week chunks. Obviously the purest choice would be to restart at Plymouth.

But I have chosen to restart at Minehead, which is roughly where I would have been this week on the original plan. There are several advantages:

  • the ground is much easier for the first 150 miles or so, allowing me to get back into walking with less physical pressure
  • it will be psychologically much easier to feel that I am on schedule rather than three weeks behind
  • I still have a reasonable chance of getting to Scotland at the optimum time, which was key to my scheduling

It does mean that there will be hole in the loop, which sometime will need to be closed. But it is almost self-contained and will be done, which might not be the case if the hole were elsewhere than Cornwall. I feel more committed to the experience and to the photographic work than to the original goal at any cost.

I’ve asked several people close to me about this idea, and all have given it 100% support. That matters; thank you.

Virgin Money GivingSo here we go. Do stay in touch and please, if you haven’t already, do contribute to the Charity effort, which is now heading towards £1500.


Best regards

… Ken
22 March 2017

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  1. Ruari
    Ruari says:

    Probably the best decision, if Scotland dates are paramount objectives. Still John Coak, at the North Inn, Pendeen will miss your visit. Take care.

  2. Denise
    Denise says:

    You must be like a horse ready to bolt out of the stable by now, its such a mental strain waiting to recover from injuries when you have schedule all the time hoping that you don’t lose fitness. I’ll follow your progress. I hope to do some long distance coast path walking next year. Take care. Denise


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