Coast17 – Walking the Coast of Britain

Hi, I’m Ken Scott, photographer, adventurer and a few other things. In February 2017 I set off from home in West Sussex to attempt to walk around the British coast.

You will know by now that I was plagued by a recurring shin splints injury and sat out three enforced recovery breaks. Nonetheless, I completed a round of nearly 3000kms in 107 days over several stints – from Shoreham-by-Sea to Plymouth, from Minehead to the Severn Crossing and around Wales to Caernarfon, from Wirral to the Solway in Cumbria and from Berwick-upon-Tweed back to Shoreham – on 16th October.

So I didn’t accomplish my original aim to walk around Britain in one journey, but I am hugely satisfied with what I achieved. I remained largely true to my Principles of Adventure, and have raised so far over £2500 for the my charities.

Much more summary and afterthought will follow in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, thank you for your support.

… Ken Scott
October 2017

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Sunset at Caerfai Bay campsite

Summary Stats for Coast17 Walk Around the British Coast

Summary Stats for Coast17 - a few interesting snippets from a first cut of looking at walking and weather data

Day 107 - Brighton to Shoreham-bySea

The finish line, drifting into Shoreham with friends and family under an apocalyptic orange sky

Day 106 - Seaford to Brighton

A day of easy company with friends and a little luxuriating in Brighton. One half day to go.

Day 105 - Normans Bay to Seaford

Eastbourne to Seaford over Beachy Head and Seven Sisters, among the finest coastal walking anywhere

Day 104 - Winchelsea Beach to Normans Bay

Cliff walking through Hastings Country Park followed by a long trudge along the prom through Hastings and Bexhill

Day 103 - New Romney to Winchelsea Beach

Finally back into Sussex, first, last and home county, via Rye and the desert of Dungeness

Day 102 - Folkestone to New Romney

All along a concrete sea wall for several hours into a strong headwind and Dungeness doesn't look any closer

Day 101 - Sandwich to Folkestone

A simple but long haul from Sandwich to Folkestone via white cliffs and France, or was it America?

Day 100 - Birchington to Sandwich

A convivial day of meeting friends and overnight hospitality in Ramsgate and Sandwich

Day 99 - Whitstable to Birchington

Back on foot through Whitstable and Herne Bay to the delightfully named Plum Pudding Island

Day 98 - Hoo to Whitstable

A final day of cycling in Kent, mixed with great people, towns both strange and picturesque, a new castle and lovely hospitality

Day 97 - East Tilbury to Hoo

Crossing the Thames by Tower Bridge, Coast17 returns to London and the southeast


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Coast17 Progress Map - August 2017


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