2013_365032 - Acre of Diamonds

365 2013 Day 32 - Acre of Diamonds

How we photographers can bring ourselves back to the present…
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Judging Photography - a humanistic approach

Carl Rogers, one of the most influential psychologists of the…
366 2008 - Pictures That Choose Us

Why do a 365 Project?

So you have joined the (post) new year photography party and decided to embark on a 365 Project. You're not alone. It's THE thing to do, right? Maybe your friends are doing it. Perhaps someone like me has told you it is the best thing you'll ever do for your photography. But have you thought about why you are doing it?
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Beating the Photography Blues

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So Digital makes it easier ... ?

Does Digital Photography make life easier, or does it just bring…
2007_206046 - Going Fishing

Judging Photography - The Person Behind the Image

How connecting with the person behind the image gives us much more of an appreciation for the photographs they make.

A Pythonesque view of a family holiday

TTL is pretty unhappy. All the years I've been complaining…

Galen Rowell killed in plane crash

I am prompted to write by the very sad news that world-renowned photographer and mountaineer Galen Rowell and his wife Barbara were among four killed in a plane crash near his home town of Bishop, California on 11 August 2002. It is all the more poignant that he should lose his life in this way having achieved so much in mountaineering where many others have perished. Galen Rowell was the biggest influence on my photography, and his work has been an inspiration to me.