Joan and Harold Johnson

The People We Knew

Made at an unknown holiday camp in England in the early 1950s/

Made at an unknown holiday camp in England in the early 1950s/

Today we said our formal goodbyes to Harold. He passed three months almost to the day after his life partner of 64 years Joan. Two very special people no longer with us. Life changes …

We came across this fantastic image whilst sorting old photographs for a memory board. Something about it caught my photographer’s eye immediately. It shows Joan and Harold together in the early 1950s. And that is the first thing that strikes; a young couple in the prime of their lives, sitting for a photographer, posed yet relaxed.  Read more

Judging Article in Photography News

Read my contribution to the contentious subject of judging photographic competitions in Issue 17 of Photography News. Most of my friends know that I am on a mission not only to see it done better but also to transform the way it is perceived, and that means doing it differently …

2010_365341 - Streaming

Judging Photography – a humanistic approach

Carl Rogers, one of the most influential psychologists of the last century, proposed that there are three core conditions for a successful, growth-promoting relationship. Can they apply to appraising photography with a camera club audience.

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2007_206046 - Going Fishing

Judging Photography – The Person Behind the Image

How connecting with the person behind the image gives us much more of an appreciation for the photographs they make.

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