Dawn Alpenglow, Barosa, Pyrenees

Touching the Light – New Horizons

Most artists will say that they feel most connected with their current work.  I suppose it is a bit like a band playing a live gig – the audience always wants to hear the ‘greatest hits’, whereas the artist wants to play the new stuff. What does that mean for me as a photographer?

Last week, when presenting “Touching the Light”, my ‘greatest hits’, my landscapes and light images made in the mountains, I felt just a little disconnected, as if now is the time to change things around a little. It wasn’t so much about the talk; it was more about recognising where I am and where I have come from as an artist.

Does that mean I have fallen out of love with landscapes and light? Does it mean that I have changed my approach or am no longer motivated by the wilderness? Of course not. It is just that I am nowadays in the mountains much less frequently than I used to be, and there is a much broader portfolio occupying my creative attention.

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