Mindful Photography Workshops in Spain and France 2018

Mindful Photography Workshops 2018

I’ve just finalised my new programme of Mindful Photography workshops in Spain and France for the first half of 2018.

2018? Surely you mean 2017; I hear your voices …

No 2018 is right. We are taking a break in 2017 to pursue another adventurous task, of which more later – I am very nearly ready to make a major announcement on that front.

Anyway our early 2018 dates are as follows:

  • 10th-17th March 2018 – La Estrellita, La Alpujarra, Spain
  • 17th-24th March 2018 – La Estrellita, La Alpujarra, Spain
  • 14th-21st April 2018 – Cortijo Romero, La Alpujarra, Spain
  • 11th-17th May 2018 – Manzac d’en Bas, Ariège, France

Reservations for La Estrellita are open now. For Cortijo Romero and Manzac d’en Bas, expressions of interest may be made at any time directly with the venues, and more information will become available early in 2017.

What do we mean by Mindful Photography?

Our “Joy of Seeing” photography workshops / retreats go back to the fundamentals of seeing with a camera and rediscovering the beauty in everyday things and moments.

We understand that inspiration comes in part from being in a fresh and wonderful place. But our workshops provide much more than a guided tour; they are about your development as an artist, about finding your self-expression and artistic freedom.

We provide you with a space where you can invest in yourself and your photographic individuality. It will be a time for renewal of spirit and fresh outlooks; we will walk, explore, relax, socialise and share – and take a proper holiday, with great food and company.

By immersing ourselves in our surroundings and fully experiencing where we are, photographs will flow naturally.

Our photographer-centred approach allows you to see the world with fresh eyes and without judgement or preconception of what “good” photography should be. Not only will you make great photographs, images that are yours; you will come away with a new-found confidence in your photography.

Please visit our website at www.photovate.co.uk for full details (Note: this will be coming in house under this website banner before the end of the year).

Best regards

… Ken and Carolyn
September 2016

Joan and Harold Johnson

The People We Knew

Made at an unknown holiday camp in England in the early 1950s/

Made at an unknown holiday camp in England in the early 1950s/

Today we said our formal goodbyes to Harold. He passed three months almost to the day after his life partner of 64 years Joan. Two very special people no longer with us. Life changes …

We came across this fantastic image whilst sorting old photographs for a memory board. Something about it caught my photographer’s eye immediately. It shows Joan and Harold together in the early 1950s. And that is the first thing that strikes; a young couple in the prime of their lives, sitting for a photographer, posed yet relaxed.  Read more

Judging Article in Photography News

Read my contribution to the contentious subject of judging photographic competitions in Issue 17 of Photography News. Most of my friends know that I am on a mission not only to see it done better but also to transform the way it is perceived, and that means doing it differently …

Autumn colour, Etang de Lers, Ariège Pyrenees, France - Image by Touching the Light

Discovering Manzac d’en Bas

Preparing for our “Joy of Seeing” photography workshops in the Ariège, I spent a weekend in November 2014 making acquaintance with my hosts Giles and Louise Nevill at Manzac d’en Bas

An hour south from Toulouse Blagnac airport, Manzac d’en Bas is a tradition French rural farmhouse set in rolling pastoral countryside with extensive views to the distant Pyrenees. Giles and Louise moved here from the UK in 2004 and have renovated the stables and cowsheds into modern, comfortable and well-appointed gîtes. It is here, with Giles and Louise as our hosts, that we will be extending our “Joy of Seeing” photography workshops in May 2015. Read more

2014_413216 - Wave Cloud, Sierra Nevada - image by Touching the Light

Riding the Sierra Wave, La Alpujarra

La Alpujarra in Spain, the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, is one of the world’s great places for lenticular wave clouds. Riding the Sierra wave is a wonderful highlight of our “Joy of Seeing” photography weeks, if we’re in luck.

The week was worth it for that one hour alone

Read more

Dawn Alpenglow, Barosa, Pyrenees

Touching the Light – New Horizons

Most artists will say that they feel most connected with their current work.  I suppose it is a bit like a band playing a live gig – the audience always wants to hear the ‘greatest hits’, whereas the artist wants to play the new stuff. What does that mean for me as a photographer?

Last week, when presenting “Touching the Light”, my ‘greatest hits’, my landscapes and light images made in the mountains, I felt just a little disconnected, as if now is the time to change things around a little. It wasn’t so much about the talk; it was more about recognising where I am and where I have come from as an artist.

Does that mean I have fallen out of love with landscapes and light? Does it mean that I have changed my approach or am no longer motivated by the wilderness? Of course not. It is just that I am nowadays in the mountains much less frequently than I used to be, and there is a much broader portfolio occupying my creative attention.

Read more

Extraordinarily Ordinary - Horsham Museum 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary – Exhibition at Horsham Museum

“Extraordinarily Ordinary”, an exhibition of mindful photography by Ken Scott, showed at Horsham Museum from May to June 2014.

“Extraordinarily Ordinary” at Horsham Museum celebrates the present moment; sixty-four everyday things and fleeting happenings – abstracts, landscapes, people happenings and portraits.

When we become attuned to seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, then suddenly there is new awareness and the world becomes fresh and delightful once more. When did you last really see what was around you? I mean, when did you really SEE what was around you? Read more

Mindfulness & Photography Podcast

Listen to Ken’s podcast interview with Dr. Keith Beasley from the BodyMind Institute on Mindful Photography. Mindfulness is a current buzzword in photography, but Ken has been practising photography in a mindful way for more than thirty years. Being responsive is about being in tune with our immediate environment, aware with heightened senses to the beauty of the moment.

Online Photography Radio at Blog Talk Radio with BodyMind Radio on BlogTalkRadio
2013_365028 - 24hour

Why 365 Projects fail and how to avoid the traps

Over five and a half years and 2000 consecutive days, I have seen many photographers start a 365 Project with enthusiasm, only to falter and stop short of that end of year target. So what gets in the way? What stops you? What excuses do you make?

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2013_365032 - Acre of Diamonds

365 2013 Day 32 – Acre of Diamonds

2013_365032 - Acre of DiamondsHow we photographers can bring ourselves back to the present moment, by appreciating the ground beneath our feet.

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